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The tuba. Really?

Yes, really. Want proof? Here.

This is where I tell you about myself, and I am much more than a tuba player. For example, I … well, I can't think of an example right now, but I'm sure I will later.

I grew up a service brat. Mom, Dad and the four kids, along with a dog, a cat and two parakeets made what was frequently an annual trip across the country, as we went to a new assignment for my father. Oklahoma, Virginia, North Carolina, California, back to Virginia. One year, we moved three times in as many months.

My father retired, finally, moved the family to Texas and started a second career.

And then I did what most of us do. I grew up, graduated high school. For college, l went to Columbia in New York. Then it was off to Virginia, followed by Chicago for a couple of graduate degrees.

I had a career in higher education, first as a librarian, then as an IT manager. I married, then married again, though there was a divorce in between. I tell you this so you know I'm not a bigamist. Trust me, I'm not. My second wife and I have a son, now grown.

Standard stuff. Somewhere in there, I started writing, publishing my first book in 2000. And that's what I've been doing for some years now: writing. Oh, and playing the tuba. I have published seven novels, soon to be eight, and an occasional short story.

I’m best known for my humorous fantasy series, CIRCLES IN HELL. Check out that section of the web site.


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