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1: Hell's Super


How can one damned handyman keep all Hell running when everything’s always breaking, devils and demons plot against him … and he’s terrible at fixing things?

2: A Cold Day In Hell


Steve and Orson are back in this cracked sequel to Hell's Super, book two in the new satire and humorous fantasy series, Circles In Hell. This time, the guys must fix Hell's heating and air conditioning (HVAC) system before all Hell freezes over.

3. Deal with the Devil


  A kidnapping, a dangerous new devil: Steve and Orson confront another mystery, involving their closest friends, while Satan tries to recruit Steve to the Demon Corps.

4. The Reluctant Demon


  Satan has made a new demon, and he’s a doozy, maybe the most powerful ever created. There’s just one problem … this freshly-minted hellion isn’t sure he wants the job.

5. I'm No Angel


  Following the lead of Florence Nightingale, Steve’s partner in Eternity, he has returned to Hell to ease the suffering of the Damned. Yet Steve is faced with a dilemma. What can he do that will offer more than a brief respite from everlasting torment? And how can he make it funny at the same time?

Circles in Hell 1-4 Boxed Set


  Travel with Steve, doomed for eternity to serve as Hell’s Mr. Fixit, on a wild ride through the Circles of Hell in this best-selling humorous fantasy series. The ultimate binge read!


Beelzebub: A Memoir


The life of Beezy, Satan’s BFF. Over fourteen billion years in the making, this is the ultimate  backstory for the Circles In Hell humorous fantasy series!

Saint Peter Takes a Holiday


Or  It’s About  Time  —  ORDER  NOW!   Peter is  maxed  out  on vacation,  and   forced  to  take  a  holiday.  He  goes  to Earth to  reconnect  with  his  humanity,  with  comical  results!

The League of Unusual Denizens


A disaster threatens all planes of reality and irreality. Steve leads a team of Hell’s Finest, with a couple of ringers from Heaven and the Interstices, to save the day.   January  2020.

A Room of Steve’s Own


Or Give Him Some  Space  —  In this novella, Heaven‘s  Emissary  to  Hell  tries  to  find  office  space.  Instead, Steve and  an old friend are sent on a quest to  retrieve a stolen object.  2020

Letters from Heaven and Hell


From the  files  of  Steve Minion:  war  is  brewing  between  Heaven  and Hell. Only a partnership between Hell’s Super and his heavenly counterpart can stop it. 2020.





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